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Here at the Mutt we do our best to give back to those who give us unconditional love.  We try to foster, adopt out, network, refer, and rescue, as many wonderful Mutts and kitties we can.  We work closely with an organization called Paws In The City and try to help them out by boarding and fostering their dogs and cats in the program.  We have been repeatedly asked to make the donation process for our clients and friends a little easier as well.  Below we have added a PayPal button so you can help us help those animals in need.  We thought $25 was a nice round number to start with.  It will pay for a bath, a bag of food, vaccinations, or boarding.  Every penny helps.  Thank you for donation and your interest in helping out someone's future furever friend!
donation for a bath, food, boarding, etc.
Price: $25.00
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